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The industries we have served with custom merchandise and retail fittings

Expertise in Design, Prototyping, and Manufacturing Services Across Various Industries.


Our Clients

We offer our custom showroom displays services to a wide variety of industries. Our customers include the beauty and makeup industry, jewelry and accessories companies and retailers, toy/hobby/collectibles brands and even auto/tech intellectual properties.

Every company can benefit from our services, in fact, a display fitting specific to your brand/product can increase exposure and boost sales! Leave it up to us to help you achieve your goals. We can design displays that compliment your unique products and merchandise or we can help you improve an existing design to best suit your visual merchandising desires.

Our expertise and quality worksmanship will be incorporated towards a showroom display that will capture the attention of customers, buyers and draw attention away from your competitors. Call us today to discuss how we can help you reach elite brand status while making your products shine!

At American Acrylic Display Inc. our reputation is our highest priority because our customers are our reputation.

Jewelry Stores

Cosmetic Stores

Retail & Chain Stores

Beauty Stores

Trade Show Exhibitions

Cannabis & Vape Shops